Sleep Support

Expert and peer support to get you sleeping better

Are you sleeping like a baby?

I'm sorry! That sucks!

Sleep Group is a small group setting where you are able to share and get some helpful tips on how to improve your current sleep situation.

Sleep group is best for families with children of any age between birth - 2 years.

Children 3 and over usually have situations best suited for discussing in a One-on-One Session

The group is open to every sleep style and sleep need. Every individual and every family has its own needs and goals when it comes to sleep. Often our ideas and goals around sleep change after we give birth and are caring for our infants.

Whatever you are feeling, you can find support here. The support may come from the other parents who are there sharing their stories, or the support may come from a piece of information I share. 

The families who come to group determine the topics covered based on their situations. Join the conversation!

Topics and questions often covered in sleep group are:

  • Is my baby's sleep¬†normal?
  • Is it safe to sleep with my baby?
  • How do I help my baby wake less often?
  • How long should my baby be sleeping at night?
  • How do I transition my baby out of my bed?
  • How can I get my baby napping better?
  • How do I night wean?
  • I don't want to Cry It Out, is there another way to improve my babies sleep?

Better Sleep within Reach

Wednesdays at the mama'hood

3020 N Clayton St Denver, Co 80205

10:00-11:30 am


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