Meal and Healthy Eating Habits

Wondering the best way to start Solids?

Looking to Reduce the Meal time drama? 


The impact of food goes far beyond meal time

How we eat is a reflection of our values.

Starting Solids

You're so excited and mildly terrified to start giving your baby solids. But you don't need to be. It's not like one day your baby's not eating food and the next they are. 

The process is gradual and individual.

All you need to know is the basics and how to watch your child for what they are wanting and ready for.

Meal Time Madness

Family dinner is a cornerstone to healthy family relationships right? My guess is they have actually been a very stressful time of your day. 

From getting the kid to stay at the table to getting them to eat the food, meal time can quickly turn to chaos. 

Luckly there are usually a few small changes you can make to turn mealtime in to a time of connection.

End Picky Eating

Have you been running after you're little trying to get them to eat just a few more bites?

Does your kiddo only eat a few foods and refuses everything else?

There is usually only one of two reasons a child becomes a picky eater. And luckily you can change it with a little diligence and discipline.

Support Options

Starting Solids Webinar

Learn the Basics


One-On-One Support

Individualized Support Plans 


Mealtime Magic Webinar

Eliminate Mealtime Drama


One-on-One Support

Individualized Plans 

You can read the books, and the blogs.

You take take advice from other parents.

Or you can get a plan that is customized to your specific situation and desires. 

See Appointment and Package Options


Introducing Solids

  • Baby-Led weaning or purées?
  • What's the best first foods?
  • How often do I introduce a new food?
  • What about allergies?

If you're looking for answers to these questions you're in the right place. 

The Starting Solids Webinar is a live online class that will answer all these questions are more!



FREE Introductory Call

Wondering about the best way to move forward?  An Introductory Call gives us a chance to chat about your situation. You’ll tell me about your situation, and I’ll tell you the main opportunities I see for improvement and which options for support will best help you achieve your goals. You can ask me about anything, from my philosophy and approach to anything else you want to know!


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