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Where Parents are Leaders

Coaching, Support and Education for Parents

Where Parents are Leaders

Coaching, Support and Education for Parents

Reduce chaos, increase confidence and create an amazing connection with your child.

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8 Habits of Happy Parents

FREE guide to 8 habits that make parenting a happier healthier place to be. 

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Parenting is Leadership

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The family structure evolved to protect its members.

Originally, our biggest threats might have been starvation and wild animals, but now, our children are more likely to be at the mercy of social media, bullying, and scary ideas about how they should look.

If you want to have more influence over your child than their peers or the media, you have to revive your role as protector and be their safest place, both emotionally and physically.

Overcome Overwhelm

When you get clear on what works for your family, you can ignore the unwanted and unsolicited opinions and social pressure from others

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Improve the areas creating stress and find more peace in your parenting.

Sleep Support

Get a plan so you and your family can have relaxing days and restful night.


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Behavior Support

There are simple and powerful tools to  implement improve how you and your child relate to each other, allowing your child to do what you ask.  

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Toileting Support

Make this transition a positive experience for you and your child. 

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Hi! I’m Patience, a parenting coach and child development specialist. I work with clients to become influential and inspirational leaders for their children.


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Katie Z.

"We walked out of class with specific strategies to focus and strengthen our parenting. We found ourselves implementing the information easily that same afternoon.Thank you!"

Kristen M.

"Patience is impressively up to date on the latest research. Her advice always makes sense, always feels right for our baby, and always helps reduce the stress in our lives."

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