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Hearing too many conflicting ideas and opinions about “the right way” to parent?
Afraid you’ll mess it up?
I’m here to help you find your right way to parent.
I offer practical, research-based tools to reduce chaos, increase your confidence, and improve your connection with your child.
Ready to be the envy of all the parents at the playground?

8 Habits of Happy Parents

Ever wonder how other parents keep from losing their identity or their mind? Here are eight tips to keep you feeling good and parenting well.


Coaching & Consulting

Finding Your Unique Path

When you get clear on what works for your family, you can ignore the unwanted and unsolicited opinions and social pressure from others.

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Building Community

Connecting with fellow parents on the same path pulls you out of isolation while helping you feel supported. You’ll stop wondering if your family is ‘normal’ and instead feel confident that you’re doing what’s best for you and your child.

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Classes & Workshops

Gaining Wisdom

Raising a child should be easy, right? Yet, there's both new and ancient knowledge most first-time parents haven't learned. When you build a foundation of your child's development, needs, and point of view, you become a more effective parent. Here's where you can tap into knowledge of how children think and learn.

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Parenting is a team sport.

We all need our coaches and teammates. Do you have yours?

Coach & Teammate

Patience Elizabeth

I'm an Enlightened Progressive Parenting Guru who teaches parents how to be influential & inspirational for their children.

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"I use the tools I learned from Patience on a daily basis."

Bethany Gabb
Mother of 2

"Patience is impressively up to date on the latest research. Her advice always makes sense, always feels right for our baby, and always helps reduce stress in our lives."

Kristen Mah
Mother of 1

"Wish I had gone to see Patience earlier. She was SO helpful."

Joy Larkin

"Patience is amazing. Our mantra for a while has been WWPD? or What would Patience do? We love you, seriously we LOVE you! Thanks for everything, literally from sleep to poo, you are our saving grace!"

Ashley Littig
Mother of 1

"Patience is a gem and the Family Room is a blessing to new and growing families."

Tonja Wheeler

"We are so lucky to have Patience as a resource in our community. We all were able to walk out of class with specific strategies to focus and strengthen our parenting. We found ourselves implementing the information easily that same afternoon. Thank you!"

Katie Zawistowski
Mother of 1


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