Consulting & Coaching

Your unique family deserves unique support.

You and your child just had a breakdown moment.
I know. I don't even have to ask because I know you're exhausted and at your limit.
You feel awful, your child's upset and you know there's a better way.
You just have no idea what that better way even looks like.
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Consulting Package


  • 60 Minute Initial Consultation
  • 6- 30 min sessions
  • Online portal for notes and resources
  • Recorded session to revisit your plan of action
  • Unlimited emails during your package

Problem solved!

one-on-one support to solve your most frustrating problem. 

Sleep. Potty Training. Tantrums. Not Listening. Picky Eating.

You need your infant to sleep, tonight!

You need your toddler out of diapers, yesterday!

The tantrums are making you have your own tantrums! 

Being ignored is madding!

You have one major issue you're really struggling with and you need help and support to make it better. 

This is the package for you. 

Support by the Hour

60 Minute Session


one hour


30 Minute Session


half hour



In-depth Transformations


Do you remember the moment when you said to yourself "I will never do this to my children." Now you find yourself on the other side of that moment.  Doing what promised you would never do.

The gilt and the remorse you feel is heavy. You vow to do better but you don't know how. You've searched out strategies and tools that help. Yet, you keep finding yourself losing your temper and having power struggles with your child.

Parenting at it's highest requires a call to understand and heal the way you were parented. These moments with your child trigger internal patterns. These patterns are changeable with a little focused effort. 

This coaching program is designed guide you through integrating your nervous system so you can show up for your child as a calm confident presence. 

Due to the nature of this program I work with a limited number of families at a time. Schedule an intake interview to begin the process of being accepted into this program.  

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Coaching Package


  • Weekly 60 minute sessions for 12-15 weeks
  • Online Portal for notes and resources
  • Integrative tools
  • Comprehensive support
  • the Wellspring membership for 4 months.
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Are we the right fit?

I get it!

Asking for help can feel like a failure. This is suppose to be intuitive right?

Maybe you're still unsure I'm the right person to support you. Perhaps your unsure which level of support is the right one for you.

I'd love to chat to help you decide.

It's important for you to feel confident and comfortable with the person you invite in to support your family.


Discovery Call


20 minutes

Discuss your situations

Ask your questions

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Find the best support for you