Become a Certified Sleep Consultant

Honors the natural development of sleep while supporting families to create happy sleeping situations. 

Only a limited number of professionals are accepted for each certification cohort. 

Please complete an application to be considered for this program.

Next certification begins February 2024



Build your knowledge of:

Biological Development of Sleep

Anthropological & Cultural Influences to Sleep

Understanding & Applying Sleep Research

Certification Process

 Stage 1:


Attend Sleep Matters: Evidence Based Sleep Support for Families

This advanced training for professionals is the first step to certification. This training can be taken on it's own for professional development or as your first step toward certification. Register Now

 Stage 2:


Training Lectures & Mentorship

Each month you will attend a training lecture and a one-on-one mentoring session.  Lectures are taught live online. Lecture are recorded if you have to miss the live session. You must complete the missed training prior to next live lecture. 

 Stage 3:


Practicum & Testing

Complete 10 hours of practicum consulting families  and complete all exams. You'll need to complete and pass the exams for each lecture and  the final exam.  


Module 1: Infant Sleep Development

Building on what was taught in Sleep Matters, this module covers in depth the development of all the sleep systems and changes in sleep in the first year.

Module 2: Toddler/Preschool Sleep Development

Sleep Development from the 1st birthday to the 4th birthday is covered in this module. 

Module 3: Early Childhood Development Basics

You'll learn the basics of development that impact how they sleep and learn so you have the tools to understand the whole child and address sleep within the system of the whole.

Module 4: Sleep Disruptions & Red Flags

You'll learn underlying issue that can be impacting sleep, This includes apnea, tongue tie, reflux, anxiety, night terrors, and others. You'll learn how to recognize them, and when and how to refer clients out for help. 

Module 5: Cultural Impacts on Sleep

How we sleep is greatly impacted by culture both where in the world we grew up, where we live and the time in history we are in. This Module covers the difference is culture and how to honor and support the cultural difference of families you work with. 

Module 6: Sleep Training Methods

This module will teach you the many different modalities used for sleep training. We'll cover the pros and cons of each method, when a method may or may not work. You'll learn the processes of supporting sleep without the use of sleep training. 

Module 7: Working with Families part 1

In this module we'll cover how to use the intake and family interview process to discover the problems and goals a family is having with sleep. You'll learn how to diagnosis the sleep issues.  

Module 8: Working with Families part 2 

In is module you'll learn how to create a plan of action for families. How to support families with compassion. We'll cover family dynamics and other mental wellness factors that impact the sleep situations of families. 

Reading List


Solve your Child’s sleep Problems by Richard Ferber

Our babies, Our Selves by Meredith Small

Sleeping with your baby by James McKenna

Safe Infant Sleep by James McKenna

Understanding Newborn Behavior & Relationships by J Kevin Nugent, et al

The Science of Mother-Infant Sleep Edited by Wendy Middlemiss et al



 Hi, I'm Patience

Want to work with the OG sleep coach in the US?

Twenty years ago I left my job as a preschool teacher and began my business as a parenting coach. 

"Will parents really pay for classes and a coach?" I was asked all the time. 

I answered "Yes!" I told them it would be like Childbirth Education. It took 20 years and parent coaching, especially sleep coaching, is now a booming industry.

Yet, the problem remains the same. 

Most of what all the Sleep Certification Programs teach is on how to sleep train. 

Sleep training is the not what parents or professional need to know. 

You need to understand the systems that control sleep. How they develop and how they are impacted by the other systems. 

Now after 20 years it's time for me to train the next generation of coaches.

You're going to learn about sleep so you can be flexible and dynamic in the support you provide. 

You'll be able to meet every family's unique needs. 

You'll also be able to brag that you were trained by the best!

Yes, I want to be trained by the best!