Mealtime Magic

A webinar for parents and care providers

End Picky Eating

Stop the Complaining


Build Relationships

Eating together is an opportunity for connection and reflection

Creating a successful mealtime with our children takes focus and practice. You have to be clear what you want to teach it to your children.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • The kids don't eat what we eat so I don't eat with them.
  • The kids want to snack all day
  • I'm worried about them melting down if they don't eat.
  • They complain about everything, the food, where they sit, what spoon I give them.
  • The kids yell or throw food if we aren't paying full attention to them. 
  • We just want to relax at the end of the day.
The Mealtime Magic Workshop will give you the tools to create an enjoyable time together with your children at the table.

What the Class Covers:

  • The Mealtime experience
  • The purpose of mealtime
  • Mealtime expectations
  • Keys to successful mealtimes
  • Flow and timing
  • Picky eating: why it happens and how to fix it



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Your mealtime are about to get better.

You are probably wondering what you're going to learn that is different from everything else you ave already read and heard about. 

I'm known for putting the basics together in a way that give you a deeper understanding of what  make your child want to do things differently. I'll walk you through the scenarios of when you child pushes back. 

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