4 Months

to a Better Relationship with Yourself, Your Child & Your Partner. 

Step out of Survival and into Thriving as a Person and a Family.

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Parenting is the self improvement program you didn't know you were signing up for. 

Making it the perfect space for personal growth.

You're the Foundation of Joy and Happiness in Your Home.

  • End power struggles and build cooperation
  • Stay calm and confident in your child's moments of struggle and learning
  • Create a sense of connection and love throughout your day
  • Become admired and respected by your child
  • Have a secure and safe family unit for your child to rely on.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

The Leading with Love Coaching program provides you with the healing, integration and tools to have all of this. 


Parenting pushes you to..

  • Heal from the past
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Regulate your emotions
  • Be a creative problem solver

 You can fumble through and figure them out as you go or you can get support. 


Leading with Love: Comprehensive Coaching for Parents

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You Are Ready To Up Level Your Family?

This 4 month coaching program will guide you through the key aspects of yourself and your family relationships that impact how you're able to show up for your child. 

  • Stop getting triggered by your child's struggles
  • Be effective in supporting your child's growth and development 
  • Have calm and peace be the main feeling in your home

With shifts in your mindset, healing of you inner child and new tools, you can have a home and family that is peaceful and playful.

What's Covered in the Program...


Impacts & Influences

You came into parenting with experiences that impact how you respond to your child.  These are the moment's that cause you to respond in ways you promised yourself you wouldn't. 

The session in month 1:

  • Your Parenting Identity
  • Your Family of Origin
  • Parenting Triggers
  • Relationship Style

You'll finish this month with an understanding of what has prevented you from being the effective parent you want to be and how you can be now.  


Care & Connection

How we talk to each other and spend time together in extremely important to how our children listen and react to us.

  • Talking & Listening
  • Communication of Care
  • Quality Time & Attention
  • Empathy & Emotions

You’ll finish this month with the tools to connect, communicate and care for each other in a way that is felt deeply by everyone. 


Leading & Learning

Setting up you family for success is about having clarity of your family values and teaching them to your children. 

In this month sessions we cover:

  • Boundaries & Expectations
  • Regulation & Response
  • Choice & Consequences
  • United & Unique

You’ll finish this month with a clear family vision and how to live each day to make that vision real.


Rest & Recalibrate

Life is always changing and we all need to have skill on how to check in to stay on track. 

  • Stages of Parenting
  • Review & Renew
  • Schedules & Organization

You’ll finish this month with the tools for recognizing when it's time to switch things up. 


Extended & Extras

Once you've done this work it's important to be supported beyond this work. It's part of your on going recalibration. As part of this program I'm also giving you:

  • Discipline with Yes Course
  • 12 months of Membership to Wellspring. 

These extras are here to keep you supported as you integrate all the work you've done over the last 4 months.  

This Program Is For You If...

  • You're ready to go deep to create a positive family dynamic
  • You know there is a way to be more effective and have more joy in your time with your children.
  • You know that the personal work you do benefits your children.
  • You want to break family patterns from your own past. 
  • You want a legacy of health and happiness for your children

I'm Patience Elizabeth

After 20 years of helping parents understand children better, I've learned the most important areas and tools that make the biggest difference in parenting. 

I've taken all that knowledge and created this program to guide you through the process of personal growth that is needed to create positive and peaceful families. 


Leading with Love Coaching for Parents

I only take a limited number of families at a time for this program.
It's also important for me to make sure this is the right time and program for you.
Schedule an Intake Interview to get started. 
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This Program's Worth $4,435.00

  • 15 on-on one sessions = $3435
  • Discipline with Yes Lifetime access = $1392.
  • 12 Month Wellspring Membership = $588
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