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The Halloween Candy Dilemma

food regulation holidays Oct 06, 2018

It's October and that means Halloween. Which means I have to decide if I'm going to get sucked into making homemade costumes, repurpose old ones or buy something new.

It also means candy. Copious amounts of candy. 

I still remember the negotiations and trading I would do with my brothers and sisters after we had dumped our Halloween bags on the floor. The sifting and sorting of each kind trying to get more of my favorites (tootsies pops and Reeces)  and get rid of the ones I hated (almond joys).

My sons 10 years ago.

Every year I hear the debate and questions about what to do about all the candy. 

There are many options and opinions.

  • Limit it to one piece a day
  • Take it away
  • Let them binge on it for a night and then take it away.
  • Have the Switch Witch trade the candy out.

Here's my take on the Halloween Candy.

No surprise, it's related to the experience my child is having and how I would feel in the same experience.

If you planned an outfit, got dressed up, went out in the cold at night, talked to lots of strangers and were able to gather a bag full of yummies, would you really be okay with some else telling you what to do with it?

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