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Uncertainty Creates Vulnerability

You knew parenting was going to be hard. You knew you needed to learn. You didn't know you would have to navigate the opinion wars.

Everyone has an opinion and every opinion contradicts the others with conviction.

Not knowing who to listen to creates a fear of messing up. This fear can lead to anxiety or depression. 

You become frozen, unable to make a decision about what is right for your child or you. 

Having a point person who focuses on your personal goals will decrease your stress and increase your confidence.

You'll no longer be vulnerable to unsolicited suggestions from everyone around. 

You'll know what you're doing and why you're doing it.

The Top Battle Grounds

These are the areas you most likely have, or will, run into problems.

My Sleep Philosophy

My Feeding Philosophy

My Toileting Philosophy

Why are these so difficult?

Sleep, food and toilet-ing are daily interactions where the failure or success impacts your entire day - and night. 

They're also the areas you have the least control.

You can't force your child to sleep, eat or poop.

These issues are the subject of hugely conflicting schools of thought. That makes it hard to find the ones that fit your family best.

I'll guide you through the cause of the issue to the solutions that honor your child's needs and your values.

I focus on giving you practical tools.

Theory is lovely, but it doesn’t help when your child is a mess in the grocery store or awake in the middle of the night.

Discipline Support

"How do I get my child to stop doing the behaviors I don't like?"

That's the question really want to ask. So I'm putting it out there for you.

It's a completely valid question - with a complex answer.

Learning new behaviors to manage our experience is a lesson we never stop learning.

I'll support you in teaching your child the skills of behavior management.

My Discipline Philosophy

Are we a match?

  • I don't do Cry It Out
  • Reward and punishment are proven to cause more harm than good.
  • Your child's feelings are a high priority.
  • The longer term relationship with your child is more important  than being perfectly under control right now.

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Still Deciding?

I get it!

Asking for help can feel like a failure. This is suppose to be intuitive right?

Maybe your still unsure I'm the right person to support you. Perhaps your unsure which level of support is the right one for you.

I'd love to chat to help you decide.


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